It has come to my attention that the JG branded Premier Builder's Guild licensed guitars are being confused with the instruments made here in my shop. I'm certain that it's not PBG's intent to confuse potential buyers, so I would like to clarify this issue. It is my hope that this letter will promote buyer confidence and create an environment of clarity and full disclosure in the marketplace.


As far as distribution of any Swedish made JG products is concerned. JG Guitars has two dealers, namely:

CR Guitars
Destroy All Guitars

Any other dealers using the JG logo are selling Premier Builders Guild licensed JGs. The fact that many of Premier Builder's Guild's dealers are using my logo to link to their inventory has unintentionally further muddied the waters. I know that this was never the intention of my good friends at PBG.


In January of 2010, JG Guitars entered into a licensing agreement with Premier Builders Guild, whereby they would produce only two models, they are the following:

(single pickup/unbound fingerboard, one volume and one tone control)
(2 pickups/bound fingerboard, 3 way switch, 2 volumes and 2 tone controls)

Please note that the guitars pictured on the PBG site are prototypes, built by me. The specs of the production models have changed somewhat from the pictured guitars. While these two PBG licensed models were in development, I also created a separate slab model, with input from longtime JG endorser and friend, Matte Henderson. This model, the Futuremaster, was developed specifically for my own Swedish built line. This guitar is my homage to the "50 ́s Kalamazoo Korina futuristic series. The Futuremaster features a completely different neck joint, tenon and control cavity route than the PBG offerings. These specifications should clearly distinguish the Futuremaster from the Premier Builder's Guild licensed models. My bespoke guitars, which are crafted in Sweden, will continue to be built by me and my assistant, one at a time, with all the love and care that people have come to expect from JG

Our relationship with PBG affords prospective buyers the opportunity to purchase a JG designed product, through a "mass customization" template, facilitated by PBG's FTI Arroyo Grande California factory. Our good friend Gene Baker's production supervision affords us a high level of quality, while streamlining production, via simpler construction methods, implicit in the two designs which we have licensed to PBG.

Thank you for your support and interest in Johan Gustavsson Guitars. I hope that this letter alleviates any confusion and provides some clarity to those interested in my work.

Best Regards,
Johan Gustavsson